Pool Information

This pool is for mining Bitcore (BTX) with your GPU.

  • Algorithm: Bitcore
  • Stratum [North America]: stratum+tcp://btx.easymine.online:7900
  • Username: Please use your Bitcore wallet address. You can also append a worker name, separated by a fullstop
  • Password: Anything you like, it does not matter, OR to specify a fixed mining difficulty (see below)

Contact us at [email protected] or Join us on Discord

Miner Command Line Generator
This is the Bitcore address that your mining rewards will be paid to. It must be a valid Bitcore address or your miner will not be able to connect.
You can enter a name for this worker, or leave it blank. Used to identify individual workers.
If you want to use variable-difficulty, leave this empty. Otherwise enter your miner's hashrate (in MH/s) and we'll calculate the recommended difficulty for 1 share every 15 seconds.

Command Line to use

-a bitcore -o stratum+tcp://btx.easymine.online:7900 -u <Bitcore-Wallet-Address> -p x

More Miner Information
Setting a Fixed Difficulty

You can specify the mining difficulty your miner uses by using a password in the format d=xxx where xxx is the difficulty. Accepted values are between 0.1 and 8192, decimals allowed.
On initial connection your miner will start with the default difficulty, but will change to the difficulty you have specified within 60 seconds.
Calculating the difficulty to use:
difficulty = (hashrate in hashes/second) x (seconds between shares) x (multiplier) / ( 2 ^ 32)
For Bitcore the multiplier is 256
As an example, to generate a share every 15 seconds with a 100 Mh/s miner:
difficulty = (100,000,000) x (15) x (256) / ( 4,294,967,296 ) = 89.4

Suggested Miner Configuration / Command Line Examples
  • t-rex (for NVidia GPUs): BitcoinTalk / Downloads
    t-rex.exe -a bitcore -o stratum+tcp://btx.easymine.online:7900 -u Bitcore-Wallet-Address.WorkerName -p x
  • WildRig Multi (for AMD GPUs): BitcoinTalk / Downloads
    wildrig.exe -a bitcore -o stratum+tcp://btx.easymine.online:7900 -u Bitcore-Wallet-Address.WorkerName -p x

Please ensure you replace Bitcore-Wallet-Address with YOUR Bitcore Wallet Address. WorkerName can be up to 20 characters long, or leave it blank for 'default'.

Hash Rentals

Buy or Rent hashes from these compatible services:

Payments & Payouts


  • Mining
    • Bitcore: 0.5%
  • Payout Transactions
    • Bitcore: 0 BTX

When are payments & payouts made?

  • Payments to your account are made when blocks found by the pool are confirmed by the network. You receive a share of the block reward, less the mining fee, proportional to the number and difficulty of valid shares submitted by your workers in the previous 3 hours.
  • Payouts from your account to your wallets are made:
    • When your Bitcore account balance exceeds the minimum payout threshold (by default this is 0.5 BTX), and this payout will be completed soon after exceeding the threshold
    • Once per day, at approximately 00:00 UTC, all miners who have been inactive for 7 days will be paid out if their Bitcore balance exceeds 0.5 BTX. All other inactive Bitcore balances are donated to the pool

You can change your minimum payout thresholds by accessing your miner's page and clicking on the edit icon next to Payout Address in the Miner General Information panel.

Easy Mine supports legacy (P2PKH), segwit (P2SH), and Bech32 Bitcore wallet addresses. However, using our automated system to change payout thresholds etc requires the use of legacy (P2PKH) addresses (due to the other address types currently not being able to sign messages). Please review this page on the Bitcoin wiki to understand the difference between the address types.

If you are unable to sign the message, please send your Bitcore address, and a screenshot of the Bitcore wallet showing a payout transaction from EasyMine to [email protected].


If you are experiencing issues, please first ensure you have configured your miner with the correct username (your BTX address). Please search for your address on the list of active miners, and click on your BTX address to view miners page. Please note it will take approximately 5 minutes from when you start mining for your address to appear in the list of active miners.

If you still require help, please send an email to [email protected] and include as much information as possible. Please include the BTX address you are mining to within your request for help.